Aspie Seeks Love is…

“a refreshing, moving, and frequently awkwardly sublime exploration of one person’s search for self-understanding and shared meaning….like American Movie or Crumb” VICE

“engaging, funny, thought provoking and emotive…You will never view the need for human relationships…in quite the same way again.” Huffington Post

“a parable about loneliness— a condition which afflicts everyone at some point in their lives…Therein lies the greatness of Aspie Seeks Love.”  SALON

“the best version of the search for love that I’ve seen in a very long time.” – SLATE‘s Double X Gabfest with Hanna Rosin

“a feel-good movie”, “inspiring, and often hilarious.” – Boston Globe 

“uplifting but never saccharine.” –FILMMAKER MAGAZINE‘s Top 5 picks of Northside Film Festival.

“a movie we found charming and welcoming in its straightforward depiction of exactly the sort of character you rarely see films about.” – Northside Film Festival Jury (Alex Ross Perry, Sophia Takal, and Crystal Moselle)‘s choice for Special Jury Mention.

People are talking about Aspie Seeks Love at places like VICEHuffington Post, and SALON. Aspie Seeks Love won the jury awards for Best Documentary Feature Film at Cinequest Film Festival and Omaha Film Festival and a Special Jury Mention at Northside Film Festival.   Get in touch, we love talking about Aspie Seeks Love!  For our press kit, please download here.